Poems of Inspiration Written by St. Mary’s Kids

I Wish I Could

by Nayeisha

I wish I could eat chocolate pudding all day.
I wish I could suck my thumb all day and night.
I wish someone would read to me all the time.
I wish to go home.


by Rosie

I had a little baby, it was made out of clay.
My real name is Barbara, I am an undercover detective.
I like to read alot and my nose has a spot.
My accident didn’t happen in June. I don’t know how to play an instrument.
I love Kimchi. I really am Korean and my front teeth aren’t real. I’ve been to Canada.
I never ate food in my life.
I am a CSI star. I never broke one rule. I was never on the Honor Roll.
I hate Super Bowls. I hate carrots. I hate Ms. Debbie, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Margarita.
My nose isn’t real.


by Chantel

It looks smaller,
Green in some places,
Snowy in others.

I snows a lot.
Down by the coast of Korea It’s really sunny.

It feels tranquil.
I’d stay years and learn the language.

Tokyo looks like New York.
I have pictures.
I framed a lot of them.
Nows it’s my favorite place.
Plus, the cars are cool.

It smells like fish and fresh breeze.

Everything tastes funny.
I eat Tuna and rice.
But not anything raw.
Not the seaweed either.

Noisy in some parts,
Quiet in others.
Japanese sounds like Hiroshima, Yamaguchi.
It means Japan.

Whale at Hand’s Reach

by Chantel, Ralph, Michael, Kea

I see it is blue, maybe gray.
I touch it and its skin is soft.
Slimy though.
It smells like nothing smelled
Smells like seaweed. (not that I know what seaweed smells like)
Now it sounds like snoring
Like loud rumbles
Like thunder
Like singing

Ingredients of Dantae

by Dantae

I am Spiderman. I am D.
I am skin, bones, eyes, teeth, blood, air, hair, nose, mouth, bottom.

I have my Mommy’s eyes.
I am her hugs and kisses.
I am laughter, fun, sad and when my Mom is not here.
I am Spiderman climbing, jumping from building to building.
I am kind to students. I am spiders, but not any other bugs.

I am one part jelly and one part peanut butter and one part Spiderman Macaroni.
I like when Zaire visits me and buys me toys.
He like Spiderman and I like Spiderman.
I am jumpy bugs, spiders and toys.
Rainbows, rain, snow, and making snowballs to throw.

I like sledding with my Mom.
I like the Spidey cartoons my Mom puts on.
Because I don’t know the numbers.
I am a bouncing ball that goes up and down.
Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.
I like to bounce on myself.

I am iced tea, the clouds, otters,
The Spaceship and the moon,
And Spiderman, of course.

Blue is the Color of

by Alejandro

Blue is the color of Alejandro on the inside.
Blue is the color of my shoes.
Blue is my room.
Joy is blue.
8th grade is blue.
The Mets jersey are blue.
Long Island is blue.
Wii is awesome.
When I play Halo I feel blue.
I’m writing a blue poem in orange pencil,
which makes i blue.
My sister is blue.
People are not blue.
Food is not blue.
Happy is not blue.
Blue is school.
My shirt is blue.
The color of her singing is blue.