D&J Ambulette goes above and beyond the call of duty

D&J Ambulette has been committed to providing prompt, courteous, and affordable transportation services for nursing homes, adult day care centers, and hospitals for over 15 years.

For St. Mary’s, D&J provides the invaluable service of safely transporting our children to and from the hospital every day.

But D&J is far more than just one of our vendors. They are advocates for children with special healthcare needs and have partnered with St. Mary’s in our ongoing effort to help New York’s kids through dollars, drivers, and dedication. In 2007, D&J donated over $30,000 to support our the vital programs and services offered at St. Mary’s. Every year, D&J is committed to helping support St. Mary’s annual tribute dinner through charitable donations.

D&J Ambulette is always dedicated to St. Mary’s kids.