Kaitlyn Coscia

Born with a heart defect, at a tender 7 months old Kaitlyn Coscia suffered from a stroke. Through the endless doctor’s visits, tests and hours of speech and physical therapy, Kaitlyn was always a survivor, her mother Arlene told us.

She continued her life full of laughter, hugs and kisses. But then one fateful day changed the lives of Arlene and Robert Coscia.  Having a child with
special healthcare needs means you often don’t know what’s waiting around the next turn. At 2 ½ years old,  Kaitlyn suffered a second more debilitating brainstem stroke leaving her with severe brain damage to the right side of her brain, affecting her verbal and motor skills. Arlene and Robert knew the road ahead would be a torturous path; until they stumbled across heaven on earth – St. Mary’s Hospital for Children.

Kaitlyn first began receiving St. Mary’s home care and Early Intervention services, including physical therapy, special education and speech therapy, to help with her developmental delays.  Later on she was enrolled in St. Mary’s preschool program.  Robert and Arlene immediately noticed a difference in Kaitlyn’s condition and were amazed with her progress. Kaitlyn began to do things her parents were told would never be possible. Kaitlyn opened her beautiful angelic eyes and was able to recognize her family and at times would respond.  Arlene said that the staff was so patient and inspiring that she and her husband felt they had found strength and security at St. Mary’s. They now knew they could face the worst with St. Mary’s on their side and so they did.

After the second stroke, Arlene and Robert placed their trust once again in St. Mary’s, and admitted Katie into the hospital’s inpatient program. The setback has not obscured the path of recovery for Kaitlyn or her parents.  Kaitlyn’s courage is what really drives her progress. Her spirits are always high and she has a great love for life. “My daughter laughs everyday and she’s been so happy and energetic since we made the decision to bring her to St. Mary’s,” said a brightly smiling Arlene, as she stroked Kaitlyn’s braided pigtails and fixed her body to sit upright in the wheelchair. Staff members say Kaitlyn’s beaming smile lights up the hospital.

Kaitlin’s determination has really paid off as is evident in her daily progress. Kaitlyn is a fighter and has taught her family patience.

Today, Kaitlyn has returned home with her family and continues to excel in meeting her goals in St. Mary’s renowned Care at Home Program.