Jorge’s Story

When Jorge came to St. Mary’s after being struck in a hit-and-run, he was almost completely paralyzed. At 12 years old, he would need to fully re-learn how to read, write, and speak. His mom spent every available minute with him at St. Mary’s, providing love and support, while his dad brought him home on weekends.

Jorge underwent extensive rehabilitation at St. Mary’s renowned Traumatic Brain Injury program, working with speech, occupational, and physical therapists. Despite memory difficulties, he excelled at St. Mary’s on-site school, PS 23, where he learned advanced algebra at age 16.

Jorge quickly regained strength and confidence and through the quality care of St. Mary’s staff members, was prepared for discharge.

Jorge was loved by all the other children at St. Mary’s and was often voted by the other kids to represent them at community meetings. They all hummed “Hail to the Chief” when he entered the room and shouted “El Rey,” which is Spanish for the “The King.”

Upon his discharge from St. Mary’s, a full mariachi band performed as Jorge was cheered by a giant group of friends and family—a fitting send-off for El Rey.

Jorge now attends the Henry Viscardi School, from which most students go on to college.