Patient Stories

From the moment we arrived at St. Mary’s, our family was offered hope. Zachary Portnoy was admitted to St. Mary’s at just four years of age, after two strokes from surgery to remove a brain tumor had left him in a coma. Zach’s surgeons said there was little hope for recovery. Read the full story »

Rosie Rosie
While walking to school in May of 2007, 13-year old Rosie Lawrence was hit by an out-of-control car. Rosie was rushed to the hospital where doctors told her mother that she had serious internal injuires and needed surgery to remove her spleen. Doctors thought Rosie would never walk again. Read the full story »

Jorge Jorge
When Jorge came to St. Mary’s after being struck in a hit-and-run, he was almost completely paralyzed. At 12 years old, he would need to fully re-learn how to read, write, and speak. Jorge became St. Mary’s “miracle” child. Read the full story »

Carla Carla
Carla lived life to the fullest in her native Dominican Republic. She enjoyed going to school, running outside, and playing with friends. That all changed the year Carla turned 10 and suffered a major stroke that dramatically altered her life. Read the full story »

Noor Noor
In the spring of 2007, St. Mary’s opened our doors and hearts to a small child from Iraq who was born with a facial deformity, which if left untreated, would seriously affect her ability to eat and speak. Read the full story »

John Henry John Henry
Known as the “miracle child,” John Henry Romano made a miraculous recovery after being shot in the eye during an attempted robbery at his cousin’s house. John Henry was rushed to the hospital for extensive eye and brain surgery. Read the full story »

Shdat in snow Baby Shadat
It was a joyous day when baby Shadat was born. A perfect little boy – the first child in a perfect new family. All was well until little Shadat tried to cry for the first time. He turned blue. Read the full story »

Max Max
With a plastic fork in one hand and a plastic knife in the other, Max cuts his French toast, takes a bite, and gets ready to do it again. Performing this daily morning ritual might seem the norm for most five-year-olds, but for Max and his family, this is a major accomplishment. You see, for most of Max’s young life prior to coming to St. Mary’s, he relied on a feeding tube for nourishment. Read the full story »

Michael Michael
Born 24 weeks premature and small enough to fit in his mother’s hand Michael Parrilla spent the first 4 months of his life in the NICU. Medical complications worsened and little Michael was too small and too weak to eat. His parents sought help and finally found their answer at St. Mary’s Pediatric Feedings. Read the full story »

Born with a heart defect, at a tender 7 months old Kaitlyn Coscia suffered from a stroke. Through the endless doctor’s visits, tests and hours of speech and physical therapy, Kaitlyn was always a survivor, her mother Arlene told us. Read the full story