Neuro Rehabilitation & Traumatic Brain Injury

Twenty years ago, St. Mary’s opened New York City’s first certified traumatic brain injury (TBI) program for children.  Since that time, our commitment to excellence in the research and treatment of neurological impairment and spinal cord injuries has established St. Mary’s as a pioneer in the field.  The program treats patients from infancy to young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities related to an injury to the brain from an accident, illness, infection, cancer, or stroke. Neuro-Rehab works toward reintegrating children back into the community while focusing on meeting patients’ goals to improve or manage their conditions.

St. Mary’s Neuro-Rehab Program is comprised of neuropsychology, physiatry, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, in collaboration with nursing, therapeutic recreation, speech/ language pathology, respiratory therapy, and social work.  This integrated approach is used in conjunction with cutting-edge technology to help accelerate the patient’s recovery.

Neuro-Rehab technology includes four pieces of sophisticated equipments secured through the support of the New York City Council.

  • The Erigo tilt table provides lower extremity passive stepping while in an upright position. This allows early upright weight bearing to reduce the effects of immobility following injury.
  •  The Lokomat provides robotic-assisted gait training (walking therapy), and is the next phase of recovery for patients with mobility impairment. The system incorporates software and video-game technology to motivate patients.
  • The ArmeoSpring provides spring-assisted arm/hand rehabilitation using software programs and virtual-reality gaming technology.
  • The Nexstim Navigated Brain Stimulation device provides non-invasive brain mapping to show whether there are pathways available from the brain to the arms and legs that may allow improved movement with therapy. Pre-and post-testing will capture neural progress and changes from the impact of robotics and therapy.