Spiritual Care

St. Mary’s believes it is essential to meet the spiritual needs of children and their families. Through a wide variety of programs and services offered at the Hospital or at home, St. Mary’s strives to accommodate all faith traditions and religious practices, but also actively seeks to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of those who have no religious affiliation and want to use their own inner resources to seek wellness and healing.

Through the direction of St. Mary’s experienced pastoral members, the program provides weekly services and annual healing sessions to help families cope with difficult situations, peer group discussions, memorials and remembrance services, bereavement support, and burial services for families who lack resources to provide a funeral for their children. St. Mary’s provides spiritual care to more than 1,000 children and families annually in our inpatient facilities and in the home.

For more information, please contact Brenda Mamber at 718-281-8952