Stock Donation Guide

Electronic Transfer of Stock

Thank you for supporting the children at St. Mary’s. Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process available.

The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock:

Institution: HSBC Bank USA
Contact: Bari Simensky
Phone: 212-525-8421

The donor or the transferring broker must provide St. Mary’s with the following information, for audit and acknowledgement purposes:

  • Donor’s name and complete address
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Approximate dollar value of gift

You or your broker may fax a letter or send an email to communicate this information at the time of transfer to:

St. Mary’s Foundation for Children
Fax: 718-423-6001

Instructions to Transfer Securities to St. Mary’s Foundation for Children

DTC Participant #0987
Account # 9999B; St. Mary’s Foundation for Children
HSBC Institution & ID Agent Number 20918
Contact: Bari Simensky 212-525-8421

For more information, please contact Sean Lally, or Angela Basket at 718-281-8890 at St. Mary’s Foundation for Children.