Special Needs Fund

The Special Needs Fund at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children provides a lifeline for patient families in crisis. The fund provides financial assistance on an emergency basis to families of children with medically complex conditions when other resources are not available. Approximately 90% of our patient population is economically disadvantaged, and while Medicaid covers basic care for these children, many essential services are not reimbursable.

With many of the families we serve each day struggling to make ends meet, it is often impossible to afford support services not covered by Medicaid. Too often, families have no choice but to cover the costs of particularly essential non-reimbursable services, throwing their lives into financial and emotional disarray. It is during these moments of crisis that the Special Needs Fund can help.

  • Transportation to and from the Hospital for Families
  • Meal Vouchers
  • Translation Services
  • Environmental Modifications and Durable Medical Equipment Purchase
  • Additional Case Management to Reduce Barriers to Discharge
  • Burial Support

Please consider a gift to support our children when there is no where else to turn.