Aquatic Therapy

St. Mary’s Aquatic Therapy Program incorporates fun, low-impact swimming exercises to help children achieve their therapeutic goals. Aquatic therapy has proven to benefit children with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions as well as children recovering from major surgeries or injuries.

Using the physical properties of water, aquatic therapy provides a primarily non-weight-bearing activity, enabling children with varying levels of mobility to move more freely. Aquatic therapy can help patients improve muscle tone, elevate endurance and cardiovascular efficiency, and increase circulation, balance, and coordination.

For the children of St. Mary’s, aquatic therapy sessions are a well-balanced mix of specialized treatment and wholesome fun. St. Mary’s aquatic therapists help children with an array of special needs, including cerebral palsy, abnormal muscle tone, coordination difficulties, and sensory processing disorders. Children work one-on one with an aquatic therapist who is specially trained in water therapy techniques to maximize their functional independence.

Our goal is to have Aquatic Therapy incorporated into our standard of care at the hospital so that it is available for any child who can benefit. Your support can help make this possible.

Feel free to contact our Development Office at 718-281-8890 to discuss ways you can support this initiative.