Marc Del Borello – HIGH 5 Winner

Marc 2Congratulations to Marc Del Borrello of St. Mary’s Facilities Management team on being named the HIGH 5 Grand Prize Winner for th2 2013-2014 program year. Marc goes above and beyond for St. Mary’s Kids everyday and exemplifies the key tenets of the HIGH 5 Program.

A special thank you to the HIGH 5 Committee for hosting a wonderful celebration to recognize all employees who received HIGH 5 nominations during this program period.

HIGH 5 is St. Mary’s employee recognition program that motivates, empowers, and rewards our top performers. All active employees are eligible for nomination during the program year and can receive a HIGH 5 by demonstrating one or more of the HIGH 5 values.

HIGH 5 Values

Helpful-The willingness to work responsively with other employees; looks for solutions that helps others do their jobs more efficiently.

Innovative-Exploring and creating new ideas and solutions that improve existing policies and increases overall quality.

Goes the extra mile-Goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet St. Mary’s customer’s expectations.

Handles challenges proactively and positively-When faced with a challenge, he or she takes the initiative to seek a resolution with a positive attitude.