35 Races to Celebrate 35 Years

Michael Rodgers Crosses the Finish Line and Raises $20,000 for St. Mary’s Kids

BREAKING NEWS- On December 5, 2010, Former CCS Interim VP of Development at St. Mary’s, runner, Michael Rodgers crossed the finish line of the Joe Klienerman 10K in Central Park – his 35th race – and raised over $20,000 for St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

While most people celebrate their birthdays with cake and presents, Michael Rodgers commemorated his 35th year by running 35 races and raising funds to support St. Mary’s Kids. Michael’s goal started off at $10,000, but due to the overwhelming generosity and support from friends, family, and St. Mary’s supporters, he quickly increased his goal to $20,000.

Rodgers turned 35 on August 2 and has run nearly 400 miles in races across the country since January 2010, competing in the ING New York City Marathon, the Boston Marathon, a half-Ironman triathlon, two 24-hour 200 mile relay races and seven half marathons and a 1m dash down 5th Avenue. He also set personal records (PRs) at six different distances this year. Check out Michael’s race log.

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