Shadat’s story

It was a joyous day when baby Shadat was born. A perfect little boy – the first child in a perfect new family. All was well until little Shadat tried to cry for the first time. He turned blue. Born with a congenital heart condition and paralyzed vocal cords, baby Shadat underwent surgery at just 11 days old to repair the tiny blood vessels from his heart to his lungs. At two months old, Shadat was brought to St. Mary’s Hospital for Children with a tracheostomy in his throat to help him breathe and a feeding tube to help him eat.

For baby Shadat, St. Mary’s has been a home away from home for the past two years. His complex medical condition has required advanced pediatric care far more complicated than his loving parents can provide at home. While at St. Mary’s, he receives round-the-clock medical care to make his heart stronger and physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help him meet all of his early childhood milestones.

St. Mary’s staff see to it that his condition doesn’t slow him down. When he’s not hugging his favorite Barney stuffed animal, Shadat can be found playing in the physical therapy gym or clapping his hands when he is excited to see his family. Last year, little Shadat took his first steps, with his extended “family” of nurses, therapists, caregivers, and his parents proudly watching.

Shadat’s parents are delighted with his progress and are grateful to the doctors, nurses and therapists for their guidance. His parents’ wish for his future is “for Shadat to become a doctor so that he can help others as he was helped at St. Mary’s.”