Mayor Bloomberg Celebrates the New Year with St. Mary’s Kids and Families

During Visit to the Hospital, the Mayor Encouraged Others to Support St. Mary’s Kids

Mayor Michael Bloomberg rang in the New Year with a little help from some special friends at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children during an early afternoon visit to the hospital on January 1, 2011.

Stephen Brent Wells, Chairman of St. Mary’s Board of Directors, along with former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman, Edwin Simpser, MD, EVP/CMO; Eileen Chisari, RN, SVP/Administrator, and Jan Mittan, VP, all greeted the Mayor who was accompanied by Diana Taylor, and escorted him throughout the hospital for a brief tour and meet and greet with patients and staff.

The informative tour included discussions on St. Mary’s care and growing demand for services, recent updates on St. Mary’s modernization project and the “Building Hope, Restoring Lives,” Campaign, and a visit to the second floor recreation area where the Mayor welcomed the opportunity to interact with St. Mary’s kids and their families as they made New Year’s hats and played games. He listened to their stories, laughed at the children’s playfulness, smiled with them, but most of all, the Mayor learned how important St. Mary’s Hospital is to over 4,000 children and their families with special needs battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions.

Culminating the visit, the Mayor spoke of the high quality care St. Mary’s provides and how significant it’s groundbreaking programs and services are to helping children and families heal, grow and thrive. He encouraged others to get involved and support St. Mary’s kids in their recovery.

This is the Mayor’s second visit to St. Mary’s. His first visit took place on Christmas morning, 2008.

The Mayors “New Year’s Day,” visit marked the beginning of an invigorating new year at St. Mary’s, with much anticipated to look forward to.

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