Bubba Fund

Scott (Bubba) Pollack was a remarkable young man. Born without arms and only partial legs, but full of tenacity and drive, Scott did what others thought impossible. Scott learned to eat with utensils, write, type, and even dribble a basketball – all with his feet. He attended school – where he was captain of the basketball team – and summer camp, and did all the types of activities that children his age liked to do. He never thought of himself as different from other kids – and was never treated differently.

Scott’s motto, failure is not an option, guided him throughout his 16 years and in his memory, continues to guide the Bubba Fund to make a difference in the lives of others with disabilities. The Bubba Fund makes a difference for St. Mary’s kids through the generous donation of gifts from the hospital’s wish list, visits from Judah, a trained assistance dog, and motivational talks with the children that challenge them to reach their full potential.