Four-year-old Jordon showed resilience and a fighting spirit from the day he was born.

Jordon was born almost four months before his due date, weighing just over one pound. Diagnosed with a serious respiratory condition, little Jordon underwent a series of cardiopulmonary surgeries and had to have a tracheostomy inserted into his throat to help him breathe.

When Jordon came to St. Mary’s Hospital for Children just after his first birthday, he had multiple developmental delays and even the most basic of skills such as sitting, eating, and breathing were challenging. But he was relentless in his journey towards recovery; always seeing past his disability and focusing on what he could do. He “played” hard at rehabilitation therapy and learned to sit, stand, walk, and even run. His rehabilitation progress was remarkable— as he neared his fifth birthday, Jordon’s tracheostomy was removed and he was discharged and sent home for the first time since he was born. Jordon continues to receive St. Mary’s nursing and rehabilitation services at home through St. Mary’s Home Care, providing a continuum of post-acute services for Jordon and his mom.

The secret to Jordon’s success, his incredible determination, the support and love of his family and the commitment of his nurses, therapists, teachers, doctors, and recreation staff from St. Mary’s Hospital for Children who helped him reach one milestone after another.

Jordon was such an inspiration that he was named a Grand Marshal for the 2013 Walk for St. Mary’s Kids. He and his family helped to lead the Walk to raise funds and awareness for children with special needs. Even now, Jordon’s story continues to be a testament to the power of resilience and hope.