Gabby is a miracle child who learned to heal, grow, and achieve independence at St. Mary’s, one of the region’s premier providers of post-acute care for children with special needs.

St. Mary’s staff witnessed Gabby’s progress over the last few months and were truly impressed with the young patient’s tremendously positive attitude despite long hours of therapy, numerous doctor visits, and ongoing medical procedures to treat severe burns. Gabby’s desire to recover, overcome her obstacles, and meet her rehabilitative goals earned the determined young girl more than just the respect and admiration of fellow patients and staff members at the Bayside hospital. Gabby was also awarded the prestigious Hero of the Month Award given to children between the ages of 3-18 who face and overcome difficult circumstances.

Under the wing of St. Mary’s expert team of therapists, nurses, and doctors, Gabby’s confidence increased, she soared in meeting her goals, and she easily adapted to her surroundings, making new friends everywhere she went.

People from all walks of life who meet Gabby are immediately drawn to her jovial and cheerful spirit, such as the honorable New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn.

Speaker Quinn had the privilege of meeting Gabby at City Hall during a special ceremony in April honoring St. Mary’s and the work of the late Burton Grebin, MD, St. Mary’s former President and CEO. Speaker Quinn, who spoke very highly of the vital role St. Mary’s plays in the special needs community, warmly embraced all the kids, but took a special liking to Gabby and formed unique bond with the young patient.

Congratulations to Gabby on her accomplishments!