Healthcare Reform

Policy Update: The Shifting Landscape of Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act, New York State Medicaid Redesign, and St. Mary’s

As devoted friends of St. Mary’s, we imagine you have paid some attention in recent years to several major changes in healthcare policy at the national and state levels. We also imagine that you may have questions about how these changes will affect our patients and families. We are pleased to report that St. Mary’s is responding to these major changes in ways that will enable us to continue providing the same level of outstanding care for which we’ve been known for more than 140 years. Leadership at St. Mary’s – including our Board, executive staff, and department directors – has been closely following developments in Washington, Albany, and City Hall, and has developed a unified approach to ensuring that St. Mary’s is positioned to adapt to major changes in the healthcare landscape as a result of these new healthcare policies.

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