Ethics Committee

scaleWhat is Ethics?
Healthcare ethics is a set of moral principles, beliefs, and values that guides us in making choices about medical care.

What is the Ethics Committee?
The treatment and care of a child with illness may raise ethical concerns for the parents, the family, or members of the care team. The Ethics Committee at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is an interdisciplinary group with training in ethical issues as well as clinical experience with difficult patient care decisions. The committee includes members from Medicine, Social Work, Behavioral Health, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Community Rehabilitation, Legal, Home Care, Pastoral Care, and Palliative Medicine, as well as a parent from the community.

The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to assist in the understanding and management of ethical issues that affect the patients and families in our care.

How to Request an Ethics Consultation
A clinical ethics consultation can be requested by anyone who cares for the patient—parents, family members and staff. Please complete an Ethics Consultation Request Form (also available on patient units) and forward to:

Brenda Mamber, LCSW-R
Ethics Committee Chairperson
Phone: 718-281-8852
Mail: St. Mary’s Hospital for Children,
29-01 216 Street, Bayside, NY 11360