Helping Babies Live Longer, Healthier Lives

40% of St. Mary’s Kids have complications of premature birth. Many come to St. Mary’s after spending weeks or months in the NICU and receive the continued specialized medical care and support they need to live longer and healthier lives. Learn more about our kids and their incredible stories of triumph.


Michael’s StoryMichael

Born 24 weeks premature and small enough to fit in his mother’s hand Michael Parrilla spent the first 4 months of his life in the NICU. Medical complications worsened and little Michael was too small and too weak to eat. His parents sought help and finally found their answer at St. Mary’s Pediatric Feedings. Read the full story »


Max’s StoryMax

With a plastic fork in one hand and a plastic knife in the other, Max cuts his French toast, takes a bite, and gets ready to do it again. Performing this daily morning ritual might seem the norm for most five-year-olds, but for Max and his family, this is a major accomplishment. You see, for most of Max’s young life prior to coming to St. Mary’s, he relied on a feeding tube for nourishment. Read the full story »

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