Get Up and Get Involved

Dieting on its own is never the answer – particularly when it comes to children. The goal is to stop weight gain. Exercise, proper nutrition, and medical supervision are all important components of an effective weight loss management program. But the most critical component is family involvement and the ability to adopt healthier lifestyle choices and behaviors as a family. Experience has shown that children who have made terrific progress on weight loss in controlled inpatient settings often fail miserably once they are returned to the home environment. Why? Because they return to their old habits.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Here are some helpful tips to help your family stay on the right track.

  • Turn off the TV and get out of the house!
  • Stock up on healthy snacks – replace empty calories with healthy alternatives like fruits and vegetables
  • Take a walk or ride a bike as a family
  • Limit fast food to special occasions – or cut it out all together
  • Dine as a family – better yet, prepare the meal together and get everyone involved in making healthy decisions
  • Be a role model – encourage healthy eating and physical activity
  • Encourage participation in extracurricular activities – sports, chess, art, music…
  • Advocate for strong physical fitness and nutrition programs at your child’s school.