Nursing at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is dedicated to changing the lives of children with complex medical conditions by providing compassionate quality care that focuses on the unique needs of our children.

Our nursing vision is to maximize our expertise to improve each child’s overall health, independence and quality of life, as well as provide safe, effective and competent care to the children and their families while achieving excellent outcomes.

We are committed to excellence in nursing practice by setting high standards that integrate evidence-based practice, research and professional development and are always working hard to help improve the quality of life for children and their families. Our nursing staff focuses on the individual needs for the resident as well as educating families on their child’s care. We promote family involvement in the care of their child and this will help to transition the child home.

For any questions regarding our nursing department, please feel free to contact the AVP/CNO or Nurse Managers:

Edwin Araujo – Nurse Manager Toddler

Eileen Alvarez – Nurse Manager Nursery

Michelle Punnette – Nurse Manager 3 Children’s

Judith Vigliotti – Nurse Manager 4 Children’s