Farm to Table

Thanks to several generous grants, children in our inpatient and PDHC programs, together with family and staff, will receive instruction and guided gardening and cooking classes each week. Farm to Table is multi-disciplinary program that incorporates nutrition, rehabilitation, and therapeutic recreation goals and is a vital addition to our child life programs – improving daily life for our children and ensuring that their families are better prepared to help them adhere to healthier eating habits at home. The program also advances vocational and life-skills to better prepare St. Mary’s Kids to be self-reliant and productive members of their communities.

St. Mary’s Farm to Table Program promotes nutrition education through hands-on gardening and interactive cooking classes each week at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children. The weekly cooking classes teach our children the importance of eating healthy. In the warmer months, our kids plant vegetables and herbs in raised garden beds and then they get to harvest the fresh produce. The produce is used in our cooking classes.

The rehab component of the program has proved to be very beneficial for developing ADL skills, as some participants are more motivated to work on rehab goals during Farm to Table then during other conventional treatment options.

St. Mary’s Kids love the program because it’s hands-on and it’s fun…

The staff loves it because it helps instill the importance of making healthy eating choices.