Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is a comfortable, quiet place for family members to gather information, in print and online, about health and parenting issues. Families may check email, get help with internet searching or simply relax with some light reading. An easy–to-use computer program has been created with links to popular and useful websites.

Books, in all levels from preschool through adult, are also available and families are encouraged to use the space for quiet reading time during visits. The Family Resource Center is conveniently located on the 1st floor, next to the front elevator.

Recognizing Your Caregivers

Give you caregiver a HIGH-5, St. Mary’s employee recognition program that rewards staff members for doing such a great job. Nominate someone you know that goes above and beyond for St. Mary’s kids.

Learn how to become advocates for your children

St. Mary’s is proud to partner with multiple agencies to help improve the delivery of programs, services and supports for the families of children who are medically fragile.