HIV/AIDS Home Care

Pediatric AIDS Home Care

Through the Pediatric AIDS Home Care Program, the first and largest program in New York State, home health aides visit HIV/AIDS patients in their homes bringing the necessary medical attention needed in order to maintain and manage their illness, including nursing and personal care attendant services, respiratory, physical, occupational, speech, social, and intravenous therapy, mental health services, nutritional counseling, nutritional supplements, and medical day care.

V.A.N. Program

The HIV/AIDS Vehicular Access to Neighborhoods (V.A.N.) program brings medical, rehabilitative, Early Intervention services, and psychosocial home care to children and families with HIV/AIDS living inNew York City’s most underserved communities. A fleet of vans actively service communities throughout the 5 boroughs ofNew York City, caring for over 500 children and providing over 6,000 essential home care visits each year. Each van carries a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare specialists in addition to supplies, therapy equipment, forms for charting, and educational materials.

Mental Health

As part of the V.A.N. program, St. Mary’s has also established a program to transport HIV/AIDS affected adolescents each week to Group Counseling under the HIV/AIDS Home Care’s Mental Health Program funded by Title 1 of the Ryan White CARE Act. The Mental Health team’s scope of services includes individual counseling and family counseling, group therapy, psychiatric evaluations and psychiatric visits. The Mental health program is available for any HIV infected patient living in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx andManhattan.

A referral source or a parent may refer a child by calling 1-800-270-2478.

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