Palliative Care

As the first program of its kinds in the nation, St. Mary’s Palliative Care Program helps children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses and their families better manage their physical, psychological, and emotional condition. A child’s comfort is the number one priority and St. Mary’ Palliative team works to eliminate or reduce a child’s pain, while maximizing the effects of therapy. From music and sound therapy to yoga and massage therapy, expert healthcare professionals provide a variety of relaxation techniques and rehabilitative therapies to enhance the healing process, reduce anxiety, and promote comfort. The Palliative Care Program ensures a child is surrounded by unconditional love such as family, friends, pets, toys and meaningful belongings.

Complementary Palliative services are not limited to end-of-life care and can be started at any point during a child’s diagnosis. St. Mary’s also provides a full range of support services including pastoral care, mental health, social work, and end-of-life programs. St. Mary’s Palliative services are available in all settings including in the hospital and in the home.

Referrals can be made from a child’s physician and can also be made internally by St. Mary’s caregivers.

For more information, please call 718-281-8952.
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