Arts for Healing Program

St. Mary’s Arts for Healing Program complements and supports the outstanding medical care provided within this unique healing environment by enabling patients, staff and families to engage in a range of art experiences in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Created by some of the areas most exciting contemporary artists, the art work includes  commissioned, donated, and loaned pieces as well as gallery spaces that exhibit artwork created by patients through artist-led workshops.

In addition to providing a less institutional environment in which to spend necessary healing time over a period of several months to even years, St. Mary’s Art program is structured to help staff engage with children of different age groups and cultural backgrounds, and varying levels of cognitive ability.  Art holds a little something for everyone, and through the display of patient created artworks throughout the Children’s Pavilion, the art program allows for a sense of identity and the development of feeling of community.

At St. Mary’s we believe… The Art Program opens the doors of the imagination and brighten the faces of many children and families for years to come.


Artists Workshops at St. Mary’s Create Magic

St. Mary’s launched a series of artist workshops with artists from all walks of life working with St. Mary’s Kids to create “masterpieces” that are displayed the Children’s Pavilion.





WCBS- Arts for Healing Program from St. Mary’s Kids on Vimeo.