St. Mary’s is dedicated to providing children with the opportunity to interact, share ideas, and learn. A wide range of educational programs and opportunities, from birth to high school, helps children with special needs maximize their potential by promoting growth, confidence, and independence. St. Mary’s offers an on-campus public school for inpatients, allowing them to have a continuity of education during their stay at the hospital. For younger children, St. Mary’s offers an inclusive Early Education/Preschool program for community children with special needs. St. Mary’s commitment to educational goals allows children to make incredible gains and reach aspiring milestones, while fostering development.

Education is at the heart of everything we do at St. Mary’s – this extends to family members and caregivers. We teach our patients to develop every capability to their fullest. We educate parents on how to care for and administer clinical services to their child upon discharge. We train our staff to provide the very best care. We act as mentors to our colleagues, educating them on how to replicate St. Mary’s programs at their own institutions.