About Our Center

The Cindy and Tod Johnson Center for Pediatric Feeding Disorders at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children offers an interdisciplinary evaluation service and the only intensive day patient program in New York State to help diagnose and treat feeding disorders. The program uses a team approach, which includes the disciplines of medicine, nutrition, behavioral psychology, and speech language pathology to identify the factors contributing to each child’s feeding difficulties and develop a plan to address their needs.

While participating in our program, your child will have the benefit of working with an interdisciplinary team of feeding experts from the following disciplines.

  • Pediatric Gastroenterologist and Nurse Practitioner monitor each child’s medical status, collaborate with community medical providers, and make recommendations, as needed.
  • Behavioral Psychologist assists in mealtime behavior assessment, treatment protocol development, and data-based decisions for making changes in protocols to increase acceptance of foods and to decrease problem behavior during meals.
  • Speech Language Pathologists provide oral motor and swallow function assessment, as well as, develop oral motor and feeding protocols.
  • Registered Behavior Technicians assist primary clinicians during daily treatment sessions.
  • Registered Dietician provides ongoing medical nutrition therapy to caregivers and ensures adequate nutritional intake to promote age-appropriate growth.
  • Dietary Manager prepares food for treatment sessions and provides training to families in food preparation and texture.
  • Clinical Psychologist provides ongoing support and education to caregivers and families during their admission in the program.

The team focuses on the whole child – both clinical and behavioral aspects of the child’s feeding disorder are addressed.

The Center is located in Bayside, New York on the grounds of St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, the city’s only pediatric post-acute hospital providing a total-healing environment for children with special needs.

Download our Feeding Program Brochure