Why St. Mary's?

Why do families and healthcare professionals choose St. Mary’s? The answer is simple. For children with special needs, there just is no better place to heal, grow, and thrive than at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

Since the 1870s, St. Mary’s has been a leader in developing programs and services for children with special needs. St. Mary’s is known world-wide for revolutionizing healthcare for children.

Care is at the heart of everything we do

Our compassionate and highly skilled team of pediatric specialists in medicine, rehabilitation, nursing, social work, psychology, and child development, work collaboratively to carefully map out an individualized treatment plan to help our children recover, grow, and regain their independence. This multi-disciplinary approach to care yields the highest outcomes by addressing the core issues affecting a child with special needs.

At St. Mary’s, we treat more than the child

We treat the whole family. Our family-centered philosophy ensures that family members are included in all stages of care and play a critical role in their child’s success. Whether the child is admitted to one of our inpatient programs or receives high quality services at home, St. Mary’s partners with the family on developing care plans, and educates family members on treatment techniques, goals, and expectations.