Why Believe

Music has an uncanny ability to lift the spirit. For children with special needs, it can do so much more.

Like all children and young adults, St. Mary’s Kid’s look up to their favorite artists, enjoy singing along to their favorite songs, and keeping up with the latest scoop in the music world.  Thanks to our friends at Clear Channel Entertainment New York, we have built a one of a kind music environment to help our kids heal and thrive.

What does the new Music Environment include?

The new music environment includes: Ike Kameoka Photography

  • Performance space
  • Karaoke area
  • DJ booth
  • Recording studio
  • St. Mary’s radio station
  • iPod download station
  • Music star memorabilia
  • Pop music
How it Helps

  • Musical instruments can help a child with fine motor skills, visual motor skills, as well as helping to improve cognitive components such as cause and effect.
  • The use of a pull down screen can have therapeutic benefit in regards to visual perceptual skills. A simple change in environment such as sitting in a chair can have great therapeutic benefit to our children in wheelchairs.
  • A child who is able to access an iPod Kiosk could work on developing a number of different cognitive skills. Functional and fun for them at the same time!
  • A DJ/Karaoke/Radio Station helps provide a child with opportunities to practice speaking, work on self expression and breathe support.
  • A Performance Stage provides a great opportunity for a child to work on balance (static and dynamic) while participating in a variety of activities and performances.