Arts for Healing

At St. Mary’s, we believe that art is key to promoting the health of all children. Research has demonstrated that artistic expression plays a vital role in the most successful approaches to pediatric healthcare. Medically complex children who are exposed to the arts are able to free their imaginations from constraints imposed by physical limitations. In doing so, they achieve increased levels of confidence and self-esteem as they develop new skills and approaches to seeing the world. On a more fundamental level, making art is a lot of fun for our patients—and a welcome distraction from the less pleasant aspects of medical treatments, rehabilitation, and therapy.

We believe that exposure to the arts is essential for all those in our care and have developed a robust program at St. Mary’s to ensure that inpatients and day patients can express themselves while away from home. In short, the arts are a critical part of what we do at St. Mary’s. They advance our holistic approach to healing and they keep our patients active, happy, and engaged every day.

Philanthropic partners can support a variety of related activities, including:

  • Daily Art Therapy
  • Daily Music Therapy
  • Onsite Visiting Artist Workshops
  • Outings to museums, performances, and more
  • Interactive Art Installations

Learn more about the Arts for Healing Program

Contact St. Mary’s Development Office at 718-281-8890 for meaningful ways to support the Arts for Healing Program.