Tournament Rules

Tournament Structure

  • The Tournament will begin with teams placed into Pool Play. Each pool will consist of 4 teams that will play each other in 3 head-to-head matches.
  • The Winner of each game will be the first team to 15 points (straight; do not have to win by 2 points) or the team leading after 15 minutes of play.
  • Game results will be reported to the tournament coordinators.
  • The 2 teams with the best records in Pool Play will advance to the playoffs. Ties will be broken using the following criteria:
    a. Head-to-head results
    b. Greatest cumulative point differential
    c. Fewest cumulative points allowed
  • Playoff games will be played in a single elimination tournament structure; the winner of each game advances to the next round.

Game Play

  • Games will begin with a shot from the top of the key, which will determine who receives the 1st possession.
  • A Referee will call fouls during the game. The team that is fouled will take the ball in from the top of the key. Shooting fouls will be awarded after the 5th team foul. The 6th team foul will result in a 1 free throw for the individual that is fouled.
  • There is an “unwritten shot clock” rule during the game. In the case of blatant stalling, referees hold the right to issue a warning. The second warning will result in a turnover.
  • Each 3-point FG will count as 2 points, all other FG’s count as 1 point.
  • If the game is tied after 15 minutes, there will be a “sudden death” (1st basket wins) overtime. A shot from the top of the key will determine who has possession first.
  • During gameplay:
    • a. Ball will change possession after each made basket.
    • b. Ball must be passed into play before it can be shot or dribbled.
    • c. Ball must be checked with opponent after every score.
    • d. There are NO timeouts.
    • e. Substitutions can be made after a stop in play caused by the ball going out of bounds, a foul, or a made basket.
    • f. Ball must be cleared to the 3-point line on every change of possession where no basket is scored, including steals, turnovers and air balls. If the ball is not cleared properly, play will be stopped and the ball will be checked at the top of the key. The team that did not clear the ball properly will retain possession.
  • The Tournament Coordinators hold the right to remove any unruly team from the tournament. Play nice. This tournament is for charity!

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