Lab Assistant at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children Initiates 10 Day Voyage to His Haiti Homeland

Lucien Prince, Licensed MD in Haiti, Creates “Clinical Mobile” Service to Bring Help to Injured Patients in Underprivileged Areas

Lucien Prince thought his family was lost in the rubbles of Haiti.

After the earthquake shattered through the capital of Port-au-Prince, the Haitian native desperately tried to get in touch with his mother and siblings, all trapped on the Caribbean island, where total mayhem was unleashing.

Only a few days later, Lucien fortunately learned his family was alive and well, but were left with nothing but each other. They lost their belongings, and their home in Jacmel was now just remnants of a catastrophic disaster.

Working as a lab assistant at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, and caring for children battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions, Lucien’s compassionate side quickly overcame him and it was time he returned to his homeland.

As a licensed MD in Haiti, Lucien practiced Ophthalmology and General Medicine for two years before traveling to the states. Along with a team of doctors and nurses from his privately owned business, Express Health Services, a medical and paramedical company, Lucien spearheaded a 10 day voyage to bring medical relief to Haitian residents.

Lucien and his team spent 5 days at General Hospital in Port-au-Prince where over 60 patients sought his medical attention. Many were suffering complications of infections, heart conditions, and severe fractures. Lucien helped prepare many for surgery. “I saw a lot of amputations. There was just nothing that could be done,” remarked Lucien.

Lucien and his team even rounded up some of their own money to get a much need supply of antibiotics to help fight growing infections. “We tried to help as many people as we possibly could, but it wasn’t easy. There weren’t enough medical supplies to last.” But, Lucien was relentless in his mission and endured 12-hour days with little rest, just to make sure all patients were seen.

Lucien spent the remainder of his trip supplying a “clinical mobile” service. Traveling to multiple cities in Port-au Prince where many didn’t have the opportunity to get to a hospital, Lucien brought medical supplies and basic necessities to gravely ill and injured patients. “They were so happy to see doctors came to them,” said Lucien. “It was hard to leave them, but at least I knew they received medical attention.”

Lucien also made a special visit to St. Therese Hospital in Plateau Central where his brother, Dr. Pierre S. Prince is the General Surgeon and Director.

Lucien was able to see Wyclef Jean, the famed Haitian-American multi-platinum musician, rapper, and record producer who has been leading initiatives in the U.S. to help raise funds for the people of Haiti, as well as mega-movie star, Harrison Ford who was lending a helping hand.

Lucien returned to his Valley Stream, Long Island home with his mother, but his brother and sister remain in his heart. “I could only afford to bring her back with me,” said Lucien. “Maybe one day, they can all come.”

Although Lucien’s mission has ended, his compassion has not. “Now, it’s time to think about how we can all unite to help Haiti rebuild its country.” he remarked.