Campaign Highlights & Calendar of Events

Children with special needs are part of an emerging population who require specialized care to help them reach their full potential.

Paying special attention to important issues and initiatives in the community will help ensure that children and families living with special healthcare needs will have access to the quality care, medical resources, and long-term family-centered and educational support they deserve.

As part of our efforts to raise awareness and support, St. Mary’s will host a year-long calendar of events to help spread the word. Each month, we will feature a different issue that pertains to our children’s health. We invite you to join us with us – 1 in 5 kids is counting on you!

Home for the Holidays

Thousands of special needs children receive care in their home and have learned to integrate themselves into society while becoming independent. Help bring joy to these children and their families during the holidays by donating holiday gift packages such as clothes, food, living essentials, etc. St. Mary’s activities include Home Care awareness and home for the holidays gift packages.

Healthy Babies

Nearly 13% of babies in the US are born pre-term, often causing long-lasting health issues. Help us educate families about the important steps they can take to help prevent premature births. St. Mary’s activites include premature birth prevention outreach, early intervention awareness and topic featured in our e-newsletter

Head Health

Brain Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in children. Help give our kids a head’s up on preventing brain injuries. St. Mary’s activites include prevention and awareness materials, concussion management program for high school athletes, playground safety, car seat fitting station, bike helmet giveaway, and topic featured in our e-newsletter.

1in5 Kids Walk Celebration

The yearly Walk for St. Mary’s kids celebrates the year-long accomplishments of children with special needs and all those who support them. View pictures from last year’s Walk.

Fit Kids

Help our kids take an active role in their health and well being. Teach them about the importance of healthy eating and exercising. St. Mary’s activities include obesity awareness, feeding disorders, nutrition for clinicians, parents, schools and camps, and topic featured in our e-newsletter.

Safe Kids

Accidents are the leading cause of disability. Help keep our kids safe. St. Mary’s activites include car seat fitting stations, bike helmet giveaways, preventional materials for schools and parents, and topic featured in our e-newsletter